Charity —————


AssignUp is working within the global education sector and, as such we come across children who through no fault of theirs, end up outside of the education system and end up marginalised.

This could be through their parents lack of understanding or just the cards the family has been dealt.  We are passionate about what we do and it should be very child’s right to have access to education – we follow a simple 3 step philosophy of;

  • By Doing What’s Right
  • By Doing What’s Needed
  • By Doing What Work

We have decided to support two charities;

  1. Sapne Org
  2. The Sparsh Org

We have decided to donate 3% of our annual turnover, plus we will take an active part in volunteering to help on the ground with day to day charity tasks.

We have chosen these two charities as “The Sparsh Org” work with special needs children operating for many years and the other “Sapne Org” are a young charity created by young people – operating for only two years’

Both show commitment, dedication and energy to the people they are trying to help without prejudice