Thumbs up for new European Universities working group

Regional quality assurance stakeholders have welcomed the establishment of a new working group under the European Universities Initiative (2022-24) (EUI) aimed at investigating the implementation of a common European framework for quality assurance.

The work of the group is to be based on the EUniQ (European Framework for Comprehensive Quality Assurance of European Universities) project which aims to develop a regional approach to comprehensive quality assurance among the European Universities (transnational alliance) networks.

Part of the umbrella project known as I’MINQA (Implementation and Innovation in Quality Assurance through Peer Learning), the working group is driven by the Bologna Follow up Group (BFUG) thematic peer group C, established to promote exchanges and collaboration between cooperating countries and ensure they live up to “the standards and regulations for quality assurance” within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Megalie Soenen, policy adviser for higher education at the Ministry of Education and Training of the Flemish Community, is project coordinator for the working group on the quality assurance of European Universities, with co-chairs at the Ministry of Education and Science, Kazakhstan and the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS).

The results of the work are to be reported at the 2024 EHEA Ministerial Conference.

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