Universities reach out to African students who escaped Ukraine

Egyptian students who were studying at Ukrainian universities and have managed to escape the war-torn country will be able to resume their studies in their homeland if they meet the entry requirements of private and national universities.

In addition, several eastern European countries, including Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland and Serbia, will allow students who were previously studying at Ukrainian universities, including African students, to complete their studies at their universities and higher education institutions.

In a Twitter post, Attila Demkó, the head of Hungary’s Centre for Geopolitics, said: “Hungary is offering [the opportunity] to foreign students (from India, Nigeria and other African countries) who escaped the Ukraine-Russian war to continue their studies at Hungarian universities.

“All third-country refugees (mostly Africans) were accepted without problems and repatriated if they wished so.”

Abdisaid Muse Ali, the minister of foreign affairs of Somalia, tweeted that Somali students can continue their studies in Hungary and Serbia, following an undertaking from Péter Szijjártó, his Hungarian counterpart, and Nikola Selakovic, the minister of foreign affairs of Serbia.

He said host states will welcome Somali students who wish to continue their studies arriving in Romania, Hungary and Serbia, and Somalia will provide consular services to the students.

Ghanaian medical students have been offered about 250 places at the Medical University of Hungary and the St George’s University of Medicine in Grenada. Seven Egyptian medical students have been offered places at the Kuban State Medical University in Russia.

In addition, Bulgarian universities will also open their doors to those who studied in Ukraine, including Ghanaian students

The Nigerian government has been in talks with the governments of Poland, Greece, Romania and Hungary to enable Nigerian students in their fifth and sixth years of medical studies to complete their studies at universities in these countries.

Study abroad portals have also provided a list of medical schools in Europe, including in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Italy, for international students who were enrolled in a Ukrainian university and are looking elsewhere to continue studying for their degrees.

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